3 reasons why you should get testimonials (that no one realises,including your competitors.)

When did you last get a testimonial?

Last week..? We know testimonials tend to assuage doubt in prospects’ minds. But we also know that video is the most compelling and persuasive mode of online communication, so it would make sense to somehow get your testimonials onto video.

That’s why at VideoCartoons, we launched Diggbite. This is the UK’s only testimonial recording service allowing customers to record their comments, which we edit into a compelling, live drawn videocartoons. Your customers’ comments about you can be brought to life though live drawn illustrations and words. We can also edit-in slides, photographs and logos.

To record their comments, your customers simply dial the Diggbite Line and speak after the prompts. (Or they can record their comments via their smartphone’s voice memo recorder.) We then edit their comments into Diggbite testinonial videos.

You can then also choose to have your videos transcribed into text based testimonials, converted into MP3s for podacasting or turned into .WAV files for uploading onto your telephone system’s caller greeting message. (Callers will be more compelled to buy when they hear your customers’ positive comments then they would listening to music.)

But if you are going to make the investment in time, money and effort to gather large numbers of high-quality testimonials, you may need to understand why they are so important.

The universally excepted reason for gathering testimonials is that they encourage prospects to buy.

But here are three other reasons that you may not have considered –

Increasing customer loyalty

The more your customers commit to you publically through a testimonial, the more loyal they will feel. This is because psychologically they feel inclined to be consistent with their commitments.

There’s scientific evidence to prove this. Professor Robert Cialdini’s describes this in his excellent book Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion.  He describes the instinctive psychological need to be consistent with commitments we make. One example sited was in 1968, when Canadian psychologists discovered at a racetrack that bettors were more confident of winning after they had taken out their bet rather than before.

He also describes how the psychology of being consistent with commitments was used by Chinese brainwashers to convert patriotic US POWs to the Communist cause. The Chinese coaxed them to write initially mild pro-communist statements with promises of small camp privileges. After a while they believed what they’d written, through the subconscious need to be consistent. This is similar to some politicians believing in their political philosophies even when new but overwhelming evidence suggests they shouldn’t. Being inconsistent shows a lack of character, indecisiveness and weakness. Consistency implies rationality, leadership and strength.

You can skillfully harness this natural law of human behavior, when you encourage your happy customers to commit to you through a testimonial. If they can commit publicly to the fact you have delivered your unique selling proposition, explain a very beneficial feature or describe how you solved a particular problem, then they could well feel more loyal (i.e. consistent) towards you as a result.

Improving your operations

This may sound obvious: if your operations are optimised primarily to satisfy customers, then you’re likely to deliver ever-improving customer satisfaction – both in terms of service and product development. One way to achieve this is to encourage your staff to elicit feedback from your customers systematically. Any negative feedback allows you to hone and improve what you do. Positive feedback allows you to create testimonials. To do this you’ll need to choreograph your sales processes accordingly and incentivise your customer facing staff to elicit testimonials.

Putting cash into the bank of tomorrow

Do you value a deal just by the revenue it generates (immediately and/or over time)?  If that deal elicits a testimonial, you can then value it even higher. For example, if the likelihood of future business improves by 10% directly as a result of that testimonial, a new customer is worth (say) £100,000 and you get an additional 10 customers through improved conversions online or following sales meetings, that testimonial is worth to you in effect £100,000. Naturally you need to have the measuring systems in place to ensure you know the return.

How Diggbite can help you by providing the following: –

  • Customer testimonial telephone line
  • Testimonial consultants case study recorded interviews
  • Full video production, including on-site filming, live-drawn cartoon illustrations, animation, slide production, voice-overs, large selection of top UK cartooning talent, story telling/scripting, editing, business analysis and account management.

For more information please telephone David Bradley on 0207 458 4490

By David Bradley






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