10 Step Process

1. Understanding

We get to understand  your company, your ideal customers and what motivates them, your budget and your objectives.

2. Scoping

We establish the size and scope of the production, relating to artists, styles, animation method, number of illustrations, music and additional paid for resources, deadlines, time and usage.

3. Quotation

We then quote you with timings and deadlines.

4. Agreement

We agree with you terms, price, usage and deadlines.

5. Brief

You submit your brief in a simple format, ideally bullet points. We then discuss it with you and respond with our interpretation.

6. Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting, script approval and revisions.

7. Concepts

Conceptual submissions of artwork, voiceover and music for your approval.

8. Production

Production editing and revision.

9. Payment

Half in advance, half 7 days following completion.

10. Review

Following completion, we ask for your comments and feedback.