David Bradley, Founder

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David’s first foray into cartooning was starting up the cartoon agency Squigglers, in 1989. With artists that included Trog (Observer), Griffin (then the Mirror) and Loon, Squigglers quickly won illustrious customers for caricatures, sales promotional cartoons and bespoke, witty cartoon Christmas cards. These included Margret Thatcher’s cabinet (caricature portrait, auctioned at the Winter Ball for in excess of £10,000), Philip Green (caricature commissioned by PA to celebrate buying Arcadia), Holstein Pils, Guinness, Mark McCormack’s IMG, Asprey, and Yamaichi Bank. David sold Squigglers in the mid-90’s, pursuing “a proper” career in software then later telecoms, co-founding Keydata in 1996 (valuation £25m in 2000 when 3i invested), Roamafone in 2007 and in 2012, Gap Year Protect – an “International Rescue” service for Gap Year Travellers.

He founded Video Cartoons in early 2013 in response to the growing effectiveness of video in web-based marketing, and in particular the superior engagement effect of animated “white board animation” videos. In addition he owns Roamafone, a telecoms company that specialises in M2M, working closely with Europe’s most successful M2M data aggregator, Wireless Logic.

Direct Line: 0207 887 2285