Shock! Sun causes climate change so hard working families celebrate lower energy bills…

Illustration by Andrew Evans

Illustration by Andrew Evans

IPCC researcher, Bjorn Bjorginson-Schmitd, has gone underground following his claims that evidence was discovered that the Sun, not CO2, has been warming the Earth’s atmosphere by 2 degrees.

IPCC are now hunting for the whistleblower in light of this significant question mark over the veracity of its latest report on man made CO2 causing climate change.

The IPCC says its report was compiled using “a substantially larger knowledge base of relevant scientific, technical, and socioeconomic literature”, adding that “increased literature has facilitated comprehensive assessment across a broader set of topics and sectors, with expanded coverage of human systems, adaptation, and the ocean.”

Rogue researcher Bjorginson-Schmitd, 46, revealed shocking new evidence whilst enjoying a short break from climate research reading 1960s Ladybird books at Ware Library (since closed).

The whistleblower, last reported in hiding, claims evidence suggests that temperatures on earth may have risen before 1700. He now fears for his life as if correct, powerful green funds, climatologists, inter-governmental panelists, politicians and the media will all have to say they were suckered all along.

He discovered Romans had made wine from vines grown in the North of England. This is now impossible due to snow and frosty winters and the British Summer, undermining hundreds of millions of dollars of research by the UN.

Bjorginson-Schmitd, a rare foreign student from Hertfordshire University, discovered further evidence whilst walking to IPCC offices without wearing a hat.

“The sun was beating down on me and I noticed it was hot”.

Hard working families were reporting to be still in bed this morning following heavy celebrations as their gas bills may reduce.

IPCC’s Rajenda K Pachauri and Jonathan Porridge was unavailable for comment.

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